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You've read about the paleo diet but don't know where to start?

  • How much protein, carbs, and fat should you eat?
  • What does 50g of carbs look like?
  • Which foods are paleo?
  • Tired of the other food trackers criticizing your food choices?

PaleoTrack helps you successfully implement the paleo diet. Say goodbye to wasteful guesswork and hello to personalized nutritional targets just for you!

Personalized protein, carb, and fat targets based on your health goal

No more guesswork. Simply specify your goal and PaleoTrack will calculate the optimal amount of protein, carb, and fat to eat each day to get the results you want.

Simple food tracking with over 130 macro and micro nutrients

Are you getting all the nutrients you need? Track the foods you eat and PaleoTrack will provide a complete report for all macro nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Motivational streaks to stay on target ("You've been grain free for 10 days!")

How many days in a row can you go free of grains, legumes, sugar, and dairy? Aren't you curious?

Reach your health goals in 30 days

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48940 people chose PaleoTrack instead of one of the 800-pound-gorilla food trackers.

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I've lost over 90lbs so far while using PaleoTrack. It has saved my life. Nothing else has helped keep me accountable for my food choices.


PaleoTrack is the best tool I’ve seen to track micro and macro nutrients and it helps me correlate exercise performance and diet. Now that I’m retired and my No. 1 job is me, Paleotrack gives me all the nutrition data I need to personalize my diet.

Don Fairley

I follow a ketogenic diet (KetoGains) and this is the best food tracker I've found where I can simply specify my macros in grams instead of trying to do the math in percentages.


When I started paleo, I lost 6 pounds the first few weeks, but then I plateaued. Then I signed up with PaleoTrack. I've averaged a loss of 2 pounds a week ever since.

Patricia P

PaleoTrack is a wonderful tool to track not only macronutrients consumed, but also helps keep track on the micro-scale. Did I eat enough calcium-rich foods today? How's my potassium and magnesium intake? I much prefer getting my nutrients from real food, and PaleoTrack helps me see where I need to supplement gaps in my diet.

Samantha Potter

What's the paleo diet?

A diet of meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts that excludes grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugars and processed nut/seed oils. The goal is to emulate the nutrition of pre-agricultural times when humans were mostly free from modern health problems such as obesity, cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

Here are the most popular paleo foods that are eaten by other users.

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